8 May 2012

Pass the Postcard

The postcard I made for this project my lovely landlord is doing. Everybody loves recieving post and it's a good excuse for getting creative.

27 December 2011

Stamps (via Old Faithful)


So simple and beautiful.
Available here.

29 November 2011

Two illustrations for an Amelia's Magazine article. Loving the clothes by Eyglo and the words by Sarah Deane.

6 June 2011

27 May 2011

For auntie Sally.

29 March 2011

18 September 2010

We Dream Alone

Sometime I wish I was a boy.

Available here.

14 June 2010

Travel pics from Pete

I haven't been up to much, but my dad has. On a recent trip to Taiwan he got snap happy and couldn't help but marvel at their naïve and mental toys, shop fronts and marketing ploys. I'm sure everybody wants a doll you can put your own face in, I know I do.