25 September 2008

Mostly Vivian Girls

21 September 2008

17 September 2008

Lost and Found

An afternoon scouring junk shops. 
Nice poses and interesting faces.

12 September 2008

For Apples

Deer on deer action makes me feel sick.

9 September 2008

i love zines

i love illustration

i love yokoland forever

thankyou grafik for doing a feature on yokoland, i thought they had disappeared from earth.

7 September 2008

Hidden Treasures

Whilst clearing out my room today in preparation for packing up and moving I found so much old work, including this series that were done during my art foundation year. They were a response to a trip to Paris, where I found a picture of the two children. I made up a narrative of an imaginary trip to England recorded on postcards written in French by the nanny looking after them and made illustrations which appeared inside a wicker picnic basket, like an oversized book.

The Journey

The Cottage

The Adventures

Unfortunately the illustrations are bigger than A4 so they are cropped slightly through scanning.

6 September 2008

Poster next



1 September 2008


Fallen in love... birds and hand drawn type.