28 October 2008

This weekends antics in London

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

17 October 2008

Beautiful Killer

University is rolling and bouncing around my life again.
It's causing my back pain and my head to shut down.

15 October 2008

Holy fuck are playing tonight.
Looking forward to it.

6 October 2008

Am I A Dodo

each copy has an individually illustrated cover

£3 including p&p
e-mail at kt_rose(at)post.com

4 October 2008


My new favourite obsession, old ladies.

2 October 2008

Am I A Dodo

1 October 2008

No Connection

Todays fruits of my labour.
No internet at home means boring amounts of time in libraries listening to people tap tap tap away at the keyboards.