20 January 2010


In a case of seriously bad luck, i took a tumble on the last of the ice left in Leeds and fractured my wrist. It's serious bad luck because it happened right at the end of my first week of the new bill paying job I started. Bummerrrrrrr. Hopefully they'll be kind enough to give me sick pay. On a brighter note I'm not a lefty so I'm experimenting with drawing whilst drugged up on codiene. I'll be posting them once I've come down from my clouds long enough to plug in the scanner. Rambling... side effect.

8 January 2010

Series additions

Blinding Glare


5 January 2010


As it is a new year it seems fitting that I find myself a diary to fill with dates, goals, birthdays and general nonsense.

This one seems to be my winner, loving the choice of colours and the various simple page spreads throughout, seems to me they should be mandatory for all diaries!

You can purchase it here at Mieke Willems, one of my favourite shops to browse and dream of being able to buy EVERYTHING.

4 January 2010

New Series

I've started a new personal series called 'Frozen World' looking at early expeditions of the Arctics and visualising the sights/people/temperatures/folklore they discovered.

King Spirit

Frost Bite

Northern Lights

Layers of the land